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DEMA Sports Club works actively for the high sports achievements. For the second consecutive year, at the rankings of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation, our club is ranked as number 2 (second best club) among 136 clubs nationally.

The club works and develops players in every age range. For all the players there are opportunities to use all of the club facilities such as the fitness hall and the restaurant at preferential prices. There are possibilities for a various recovery services such as massages or sauna. In addition for the facilitation of the training process, the club offers a high class tennis machine, high class professional stringing machine by Babolat, mini-tennis, other equipment suited for beginners which simplifies the process and supports the transition to higher level of education.

The sport shop offers a full range of sports equipment of a leading sports brands and the players receive a discounted prices which is also valid for the bistro.

For the past year the players of DEMA have participated in various national and international tournaments. They managed to win 12 golden, 14 silver and 21 bronze medals from national tournaments. In addition, one of our girls Denislava Glushkova became a European Team Champion under 12 years old alongside 2 other girls. This happened for the first time in the history of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation. She has played prestigious junior tournaments like Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl in the States, which players like Todor Enev and Grigor Dimitrov have won.

Another player of DEMA, Alexander Lazarov was ranked in the best 60 juniors of the world under 18 and he played both Wimbledon and US Open for juniors in 2015 and in 2017 debuted in the main draw of Sofia Open where he was a sparring partner of Grigor Dimitrov. By the middle of year 2016 Alex did not have any ATP Points, and for a few months he finished the year as 599. He is also part of the Davis Cup Team of Bulgaria.

Isabella Shinikova (DEMA) is one of the best Bulgarian female players. She is ranked in the first 140 in WTA rankings and she played the qualifications of Wimbledon, US and Australian Open in 2016 and 2017. She has won many individual and doubles tournaments from both futures and the challengers level. She is also part of the national Fed Cup Team.

Last but not least is Djuliya Terziiska. She won the national singles women championships for 3 consecutive years. She was ranked amongst the first 80 players in the world under 18 years old and she played in the qualifications for Wimbledon in 2014. She is presently 400 in the WTA rankings.